Are you looking for a custom linear actuator or system, but can’t find one that meets your specific needs? A MacBUILT system may be just what you are looking for. For over 27 years Macron Dynamics has developed modular components that can be configured to meet the challenges of any kind of linear motion project. Your Macron representative can connect you to one of our engineers that will help you configure a system to meet your specific needs.

The customer identified the HBG-25 H-Bot gantry system as the best 2 axis Linear Robot to perform the process, however, the application was in an outdoor environment that had a potential for dirty material handling. After a serious Q&A session to outline product requirements and specifications, the Macron team collaborated to create a hybrid HBG-25 to meet the specification. Here are some of the features that were suggested:

Macron MSA-14S based track roller cart and round-rail guidance system
• Pocketed pulley assemblies to allow flow through of debris and wash-out
• Armoloy TDC (thin dense chrome) plated stainless steel round-rails, track & reversing unit rollers & motor coupling for enhanced corrosion protection
• Sealed belt

Our manufacturers representative was impressed and stated: “I was unsure that anyone could produce a product to meet my customer’s demanding requirements at an affordable price. Macron simply modified standard off the shelf components and configured a system faster than anyone could imagine.”

Take a look at some of the variations of MacBUILT products Macron has created for their customers, and for more information, contact Anacar Motion sales engineering team by using our online email form for quick response or call one of our team members directly by visiting us online: