Here are some of the most asked questions answered by ANACAR… 

Q. What is a Manufactures Representative?

A. A Manufacturers Rep is contracted sales force for companies (Principals) that do not have their own field sales people. We have a defined territory and a legal contract to act on behalf of the companies we represent to promote the company’s products and in return are paid only when sell something.

Q. What is the responsibility of ANACAR as a Manufacturer’s Representative?

A. ANACAR is a professional sales agency. We have a responsibility to faithfully promote sales in our territory for the companies we represent. ANACAR will pursue the very best, most cost-effective solution for our customer.

Q. What is ANACAR’s relationship with the companies you represent?

A. ANACAR is an independent contractor.

Q. Do I place my order with ANACAR?

A. No, orders are placed directly with the Principal or Distributor.  ANACAR will always assist to make sure your order is placed and processed.

Q. What if I have a problem after I place an order with one of the companies you represent?

A. Please contact ANACAR so we can help define the issue and bring the resources needed to resolve the problem.

Q. Do you stock anything?

A. No, we rely on our distributor partners and Principals to stock product.

Q. What is the difference between a Manufacturers Rep and Distributor?

A. The biggest difference it that a distributor handles the purchase transaction and a rep does not.

Q. Does ANACAR offer integration services?

A. No, not directly, however, we have a number of qualified integrator and distributors that can offer these services.

Q. Does ANACAR provide sizing and selection assistance? 

       A. Yes, when required we will offer additional resources as needed.