Macron Dynamics launches responsive, mobile-ready redesigned website! Take a look at,

We have not changed our quality of production, company values, or commitment to our customers, but we have updated some key components of our website:

  • The entire website is now responsive, meaning it now works on mobile devices and tablets.
  • All forms have been redesigned to be more user-friendly with an updated style.
  • Our market section has expanded to include individual web pages dedicated to each industry served.
  • Additional categories and products have been added to the linear robotics section.
  • Users can now enter X, Y, and/or Z axis travel distances on certain products to generate specific product numbers to include when requesting a quote.
  • Users can also add a gearbox and/or t-slot sensor to all product categories when requesting a quote, not just belt-driven products.
  • When submitting quote information, user is prompted to review information to make sure it is correct with the option to go back and edit before submitting instead of a one-click submit.
  • Pages now feature Macron Dynamics video footage throughout the site (check out the palletizing machine running on the homepage!)

Take a look around and let us know what you think; we’d love to hear your feedback.