Putting products in cartons and placing cartons, buckets, cans or totes on pallets is a manually intense process ripe for automation. Investing in linear robots for material handling provides quick payback and allows for re-deploying manpower to more effective tasks.

Recently, a Macron Dynamics system integrator, Adaptive Innovations Corp. of Lakewood Colorado, developed a 2-axis, high speed X/Z Row Palletizing / De-palletizing system. To provide X/Z motion, the company integrated a Macron MGS-UC2 linear robot kit.

The palletizer’s design is economical and one of the smallest footprints in the industry. With a payload capacity of 150 pounds and up to 90 cases per minute cycle, the system is flexible enough to carry a wide variety of products.

This automated palletizing system demonstrates you don’t need an articulated arm robot for this type of process, as commonly thought. In fact, a linear robot with Cartesian positioning is more than adequate for the task – providing a longer Z-axis reach for those tight pallet stacking or un-stacking requirements.Automated palletizing system gantry

With the help of the UC2, the system has a payload capacity of 150 pounds and moves up to 90 cases per minute.


With the help of Macron’s X/Z palletizing gantry kit, the automated palletizing machine:

  • Moves 90 cases of packaged goods per minute
  • Carries payloads of up to 150 lbs
  • Has a standard repeatability of ±0.1mm

System benefits:
The Macron MGS-UC2 gantry product is a robust and durable 2-axis system with broad payload capacity. Belt driven in each axis, the unit is fast and repeatable. This ready-made kit, in pre-configured standard travel lengths, includes integrated cable management, low profile T-slot sensors and MPG gearboxes ready for any motor mounting.

Customer comments:
Macron’s palletizing gantry kit provided a hassle-free, practically out-of-the-box solution. It’s modular design allowed us to easily integrate it into our palletizing process and overall system including grippers and conveyors.

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