Military systems depend on absolute accuracy, power and robust capabilities in confined spaces and hazardous environments. Exlar® linear actuators and brushless servo motors bring maximum force and robust performance in small packages. Our proven solutions are accurate, efficient and battle ready.

Not all Actuators are Created Equal: the Roller Screw Technology Difference

Utilizing roller screw technology and integrated brushless servo motors, Exlar actuators offer clean, fast and accurate control over a wide range of force, speed and positioning. With continuous force ratings in excess of 40,000 pounds (177,929 N) and linear speeds exceeding 60 inches per second (1.5 m/sec), our actuators are built to last and guarantee reliable results.

As an industry recognized hydraulic replacement, Exlar manufactures linear and rotary actuators that cover a wide range of motion applications for the defense industry.

Related Applications

Defense Benefits

  • Rugged design
  • Superior performance
  • Maximum force capabilities to 100,000 lbf (444,822 N)
  • Eliminates hydraulics for reduced maintenance and greater safety

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