NIDEC-SHIMPO is the world’s largest manufacturer of servo grade gearboxes for motion control applications.  Today, NIDEC-SHIMPO is shipping 60,000+ gearboxes per month.  With North American headquarters in Chicago, they are well positioned to service the market.  Fast delivery is assured through extensive inventory of fully configured units and parts allowing flexible assembly locally.

CORONEX Cycloidal Reduction Gears:         ·

  • High torque density and shock load capacity
  • <1 arc-min backlash with superior stiffness
  • 4 frame sizes with max output torque 613Nm – 3185Nm
  • Ratios: 59:1, 89:1, 119:1

Rotary Index Tables:         

  • Features large pass through hole
  • Down to zero backlash with high indexing accuracy
  • Exceptional stiffness and robust bearing system
  • Alternative to mechanical indexers or direct drive motors

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